Picture books

Mamma Moo gets a cut

Text: Jujja Wieslander
Illustrations: Sven Nordqvist
Rabén & Sjögren 2006

“Hi Mamma Moo,” said Crow. “Why are you standing there in the barn when the weather is so lovely?”
“I’m sick,” said Mamma Moo slowly.
“Well ruffle my feathers, what have you done? You’ve got a big bump on your forehead!”
“Yes, and look at this!” said Mamma Moo.
“Caw! You’ve got band aids all over your tummy – what happened?”

Jujja’s comments about the book

Band aids are important. For a young child (and for many adults, for that matter), blood is a dramatic occurrence. Care and acknowledgment are required. Band aids are an inexpensive way of providing comfort and visible proof that you’ve been through something. Crow loves when something dramatic happens. And if it’s not exciting enough, he doesn’t mind exaggerating a little.