Picture books

Mamma Moo builds a tree house

Text: Jujja and Tomas Wieslander, 1995
Illustrations: Sven Nordqvist, 1995
Rabén & Sjögren 2018

”Now I want to build a tree house” said Mamma Moo.
Crow looked like he had misheard.
”A tree house?” he said.
”Moo” said Mamma Moo. ”A tree house. In that tree.”
”You are a cow, Mamma Moo. Say after me: I am a cow. Cows do not climb trees, and do not build tree houses. Say it.”
”I am getting a hammer and nails” said Mamma Moo.

Jujja’s comments about the book

Sven Nordqvist has a past as an architect. In this book, we were lucky to have an illustrator who could not only understand Crow’s complicated character but also in pictures depict the construction technical wonders that Crow dreams of. In addition, we got to see what it looks like when a cow saws with its tail. A veterinarian put it this way: IF a cow could climb trees, it would look just like this!