Picture books

Mamma Moo and Crow’s Christmas

Text: Jujja Wieslander
Illustrations: Sven Nordqvist
Rabén & Sjögren 2008

Crow began running back and forth in the barn. He stopped in front of Mamma Moo.
“Why am I running?”
“I don’t know. You mentioned Christmas Eve…”
“Yes, and I don’t have a single Christmas present for me.”
“But moo, for you? Are you going to give yourself Christmas presents?” Crow hurried on.
“Of course. That’s the only way – otherwise I never get any presents! Have to hurry, must get home. Good bye!” 

Jujja’s comments about the book

When it comes down to it, what’s the most difficult thing about Christmas? And what’s the most enjoyable? Children sense the excitement as soon as Christmas trees and decorations begin to appear. Crow hadn’t really realised that it was almost Christmas, and even though he was very busy wrapping presents – for himself – he couldn’t stand waiting until the next day, for the actual Christmas Eve. I doubt that there are more wonderful illustrations of Mamma Moo and Crow in snow and the Christmas spirit than these.

Many of the stories got their start as a song. The name of this song is Much Too Long. “How long must I wait, much too long. Ding ding dong, come along, come-a, come along.” The words come from a little boy who stood there, fully dressed, waiting for his sister to finish getting ready.  Come along!